Coventry Kids Programs and Teachers

Owner and Director

Carolyn Dulac has been the owner/director of CKC since it opened in April 2002.  She came right  out of college after receiving her Bachelor’s of Arts in Elementary Education and began working in a daycare center and has never left the field of caring for children, which is her passion.   Carolyn has more than 25 years experience in both teaching and running a daycare center.

Infant Center
Jungle Room

 The infant room accepts children ages 6 weeks – approx. one year old.  The Jungle Room is a place where your child can begin their daycare experience with lots of one on one time. The Jungle Room is a warm and caring environment where your infant will be exposed to tummy time, mat time, time in the exersaucer, play time and lots of individual cuddling time.  We also work on socialization with the other infants.  Each infant is hand bottle fed and as they grow they are taught to fed themselves.  We work with each individual family to be on the same schedule so that the babies daily routines are consistent with daycare and home life.

Miss Kaci is our Infant teacher. Kaci began as substitute teacher and she worked her way to up to a full time infant/toddler teacher.   What she brings to CKC is her excitement and energy.  She has been with CKC since September 2016.

Toddler Center
Disney Room

CKC’s Toddler program is offered to children between the ages of  one – three, where your child will work on the beginnings of self help and socialization skills.  The Disney Room curriculum includes circle time, story time, music, dramatic play and gross motor skills.  The children are also encouraged to learn self awareness and verbalization.


Miss Debbie comes to CKC with more than 12 years experience working with Toddlers.  She is creative, loving and patient and has been with CKC since May of 2014.  Miss Debbie is the head Teacher in the Toddler Room.

Miss Erica  is a toddler teacher here at Coventry Kids, she graduated from UConn June 2017 and brings with her to CKC great ideas and a fun curriculum.  She’s been working at CKC since 2011 but was actually an enrolled student at CKC  when she was a kid.


Tiny Tots

Magical Forest Room

Our tiny tot room is brand new to CKC and it is the perfect place for toddlers to begin their transition into the Preschool Program.  This room combines the Toddler program with our Preschool program.



Miss Jeanna heads up the Forest Room with great enthusiasm and organization, she also began at CKC as a substitute teacher and has worked hard to become a full time teacher, she has been at CKC since August 2015.


Full Time Daycare/Preschool

CKC’s Daycare/Preschool program works on a themed based curriculum that is an effective educational philosophy that identifies a theme such as a book, profession, time of the year, etc., and then incorporates it into the children’s daily activities, this will include a letter of the week. Also incorporated into the theme is; art time, library, music and reading.   CKC  feels that a child’s independence is important and we teach lots of self help skills to all of the children. Socialization is just as important for us to teach the children as is the educational aspect, as well as outdoor time, which we try to do everyday.

Ocean Room

The Ocean Room is made up of the youngest children enrolled in our daycare/preschool program.  The theme based curriculum in the Ocean Room is designed to help our youngest 3  and 4 year olds to learn the beginnings of their ABC’s, name recognition ,and identifying shapes, colors and numbers.

Miss Beth is our Ocean Room teacher, she loves to work with the children on self help skills and especially art. She enjoys getting messy with the kids using paint and glitter. Miss Beth has been with CKC since October 2004.

Barnyard Room

The Barnyard Room is where our 4 and 5 year olds go to learn and concentrate on kindergarten readiness.  They take all of the skills they have learned in the Ocean and Nature Rooms and perfect it including writing their own names, spelling words and self help skills.

Miss Kelly  has been employed at CKC since December 2003. She was promoted to Assistant Director in January 2005 after showing incredible leadership and outstanding teaching abilities. 

Before and After School

Rock Star Room

CKC  Before & After School caters to children in first grade – fifth grade. We help the children get on the bus in the AM and off the bus after school. When they  return from school there is homework time set aside for those who want to get it done as well as organized outdoor games plus lots of indoor activities that include dramatic play, games and arts and crafts. We emphasize lots of socialization in this program.

  Miss Julianna began at CKC as a 3 year old and now she is back to head our Before & After School program.  

Miss Cassie is our Before & After School teacher who brings smiles with her everyday!

Substitute Teachers
Sometimes our regular teachers go on vacation,  get sick or need days and in those cases we are lucky to have our wonderful Substitute Teachers that come in and help take over the daily curriculum. The children know these teachers well so their days go on as normal.


Miss Stacy has been with CKC since August 2009, she has worked in every room throughout her years here and is loved by all the kids, parents and teachers.


Miss Alayna came to CKC when she was 3 years old and now she is back to help us out as an assistant teacher everyday after school.